KODA Enterprises Group Acquires Bus Air Manufacturing

Waltham, MA – September 26, 2017
For Immediate Release

KODA Enterprises Group through its portfolio company ProAir Holdings announced today the acquisition of Bus Air Manufacturing from its owner and founder Anthony (Tony) Woods. “We are delighted that Tony Woods will continue in his capacity as President and CEO of Bus Air. He has an exceptional team who along with Tony will be responsible for the day to day operations of Bus Air” said Bill Karol, President of KODA Enterprises.

Tony, Dave Oberdorff, President and CEO of American Cooling Technologies (ACT) also a part of ProAir Holdings, and Dennis Mitchell, President and CEO of ProAir LLC will now join forces and represent the most seasoned and knowledgeable professionals in the industry offering the widest range of engineering, product and service in the industry. KODA’s involvement with the specialty HVAC and bus heating and air conditioning markets dates back over twenty years with its acquisition in 1997 of ProAir and the acquisition of ACT in 2012.

According to Tony Woods, “While it has certainly been a ride of a lifetime building and growing Bus Air, the opportunity to be a part of the increased size and financial strength offered by KODA is an opportunity to further strengthen our company and offer our customers the absolute best solutions and value possible.”

“I have known Tony and his company as a friend and competitor for many years and I am excited about what this opportunity brings for both our companies and our customers,” said Dave Oberdorff.

The combined companies have manufacturing plants in York, PA, Elkhart, IN and Rhome, TX and installation and service facilities in Tulsa, OK, Conway, AR and Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

For further information contact:
James H. Peden, Chief Operating Officer
KODA Enterprises Group, 423-756-8891 jpeden@koda.com


Janice Hodson, Director of Corporate Development
KODA Enterprise Group, 513-846-3864 jhodson@koda.com