Our companies are decentralized: Strong management teams develop their own strategic and operating plans; we support those plans with appropriate long-term incentives. Our role is to be a coach and cheerleader — to monitor, challenge, and help mold successful strategies. We also provide access to resources the companies might not have.

30 Years of Success

KODA has positioned its portfolio companies to be number 1 in their defined markets 4 times.

Over its 30 year history, KODA has purchased, managed, grown and ultimately divested four organizations that were number one in their defined marketplace:

  • Acquired by KODA in the 1980’s, Suburban Manufacturing Company, the largest provider of appliances (heaters, ranges and water heaters) to the recreational vehicle industry was sold in 1998 to Citicorp Ventures in New York.
  • KODA purchased Adapco in 1997 and through three subsequent strategic acquisitions, grew the company to be the number one provider of services, equipment and chemicals to the Vector Control Industry and was sold to Calvert Street Capital Partners in 2006.
  • In 1998, KODA acquired Nivel Parts and Manufacturing Company and over our seven years of ownership, doubled the size of the business to become the number one provider of replacement parts to the golf cart aftermarket and was sold to Sentinental Capital Partners in 2004.
  • Over 23 years we built the KODA Distribution Group into the largest Specialty Chemical Distributor in the United States and we divested a majority of our position to Audax in October 2010 and continue to have a significant interest in KDG.

“It is with great pride that we feel we continue to execute on our strategy of acquiring companies that have the potential to become market leaders. The future has never been brighter for KODA and we look forward to more exciting opportunities to come.”

Bill Leaver
Executive Vice President and CFO
KODA Enterprises Group, LLC

How we measure Koda success

“The big thing is that KODA does not have a formal exit plan. They will keep a company as long as they want. Most other buyers have an X number of year window – 3 to 5 years and they are out.

They (KODA) were very concerned about my employees. They allowed me to keep doing everything I previously had done to continue the growth of Nivel.”

Mr. McGrogan sold Nivel to KODA in 1998 and stayed on as President until KODA sold the company to a financial buyer in 2004.

Patrick McGroganFormer President Nivel Parts & Manufacturing Company

“I think within 60 days, they had bought our company. And that was the thing that impressed us most – they were able to act very quickly to get where they wanted to go. And I think that followed through – everything over the years that we did with them – they had an ability to move quickly which really allowed us to take advantage of some situations as they occurred that resulted in outstanding results for the company.

We also grew very well under KODA – with their backing and advice. When we sold to them we were doing $12 million in revenues, and we ended up at north of $50 million.”

Mr. Wooldridge sold Adapco to KODA in 1997 and stayed on as President through the sale of the business to a financial buyer in 2006. 

Allen WooldridgePresident Adapco

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