We seek businesses with the following characteristics:


$20-$100M in revenues
$2-10M in EBITDA
Strategic acquisitions for portfolio companies
Will consider below $20 million in revenues for an extraordinary  investment opportunity

Business Types

Value-added distribution
Solution Businesses

Industry  Experience

Building Products and Services
Industrial Distribution and Services
Paper and Packaging
Rubber and Plastics

Transaction Types

Corporate Carve-Outs and Divestures
Private Exits: Founder and Family Business Exits

Koda Acquisition History

Suburban Manufacturing
Divested to Financial Buyer
J. T. Nelson1985Divested to Strategic Buyer
Monson Companies1987
Divested to Financial Buyer in 2010 (as KDG)
Monson Tuck-in

Divested to Strategic Buyer
Washburn Linder1990Monson Tuck-in
W.H. Shurtleff Company: Industrial Division2004Monson Tuck-in
W.H. Shurtleff Company: Dust & Ice Control Division2004Monson Tuck-in
Nivel Parts1998Divested to Financial Buyer
ADAPCO/PCT1998Divested to Financial Buyer (as ADAPCO)
Fennimore Chemicals1999Divested to Financial Buyer (as ADAPCO)
C.L. Zimmerman1999Partial Distribution to Financial Buyer (as KDG)
VDCI/VCS2000Divested to Financial Buyer (as ADAPCO)
Gruco, Inc.2001Partial Distribution to Financial Buyer (as KDG)
W.H. Shurtleff Co.2004Monson Tuck-in
KLW2005Existing Portfolio
Ribelin Sales2006Partial Distribution to Financial Buyer (as KDG)
Lenape Industries
2006Monson Tuck-in
KODA Realty
2006Existing Portfolio
Douglas Machines Corp.2012Divested to Strategic Buyer (2021)
KLW Atlanta, GA2012Divested to Strategic Buyer (2016)
V-Tek2017Existing Portfolio
Water-Land Manufacturing & Supply, LLC 2018Existing Portfolio
Load Rite Trailers2022Existing Portfolio
A & J Programming2024Existing Portfolio

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