KLW Plastics Introduces New Line of Lightweight, Sustainable Packaging Solutions

UN Approved Containers Reduce Environmental Impact

Monroe, OH

KLW Plastics, a leading manufacturer of 3.5 – 7 gallon tight-head containers, is proud to announce a new line of lightweight, sustainable packaging solutions. The E-Tainer® line of products focuses on source reduction, increased use of post-consumer resin (PCR), multi-layer manufacturing technology, and combined hybrid technology through the use of RockTenn’s precision mandrel formed Meta® corrugated cases.

This line of packaging solutions includes four new container configurations designed to meet customer demand.  The  E-Tainer® Global, a 950 gram, UN rated tight-head container with an international design for global uniformity, the E-Tainer® Hybrid, a UN rated 450 gram lightweight container combined with a Meta® corrugated case, the E-Tainer® Kube, a collapsible, semi-rigid bladder-in-a-box, and the E-Tainer® Flex, a bag-in-box flexible packaging solution. Environmental benefits include:

• Up to 80% less plastic used compared to a standard tight-head container

• Reduced energy use

• Corrugated weighs up to 30% less while maintaining container integrity

• Boxes are 100% recyclable

“We recognized the need for lightweight, innovative packaging solutions in today’s competitive environment. Our access to the latest manufacturing technology and partnerships with industry experts, allowed us to quickly respond to customers’ needs with the E-Tainer® Line,” said Scott Dowrey, President and CEO. “We remain committed to innovation and continuous improvement. Developing sustainable value propositions that improve operational efficiency and reduce packaging costs clearly demonstrates our focus on that commitment.”

For more information about KLW Plastics, please visit: www.klwplastics.com

About KLW Plastics

KLW Plastics is a leading manufacturer of 1-7 gallon UN & non-regulated, rigid and semi rigid, tight-head plastic containers serving a broad array of markets. KLW Plastics is headquartered in Monroe, Ohio, with additional manufacturing facilities in Houston, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, please visit www.klwplastics.com.

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