KODA Enterprises Group Announces Opening of its Second Facility for its KLW Plastics, Inc. Operation

In February 2008, KLW Plastics, located in Monroe, Ohio began production in its second production facility in Houston, TX. Houston was selected due to its proximity to our large current and prospective customer base as well as to geographically broaden KLW’s U.S. footprint. KLW’s president, Mike Legeza, commented that “Houston allows KLW to serve a broader reach of customers, delivering superior quality and logistics reliability to new customers previously disadvantaged by high freight costs and excessive transit time. With a manufacturing presence in Houston that can competitively serve the South, Southeast, and South West U.S., KLW is the sole national supplier of environmentally-friendly 3.5 to 7 gallon plastic containers that meet increasingly stringent state packaging regulations.” KLW- Houston shipped its initial truck load in the first week of March 2008. As demand continues to increase, the company plans to increase capacity in Houston while exploring potential locations for a third production facility.

KODA Enterprises Group, located in Lexington, MA is a middle market private investment firm that concentrates on companies in niche markets that have the potential to benefit by the financial strength and expertise KODA provides to its portfolio companies.

For further information contact: James Peden, Chief Operating Officer KODA Enterprises Group 423-756-8891 jpeden@koda.com