KODA Enterprises Group Announces Sale of KODA Distribution Group to Audax

KODA Distribution Group (“KDG”) today sold a majority of its position to Audax, a Boston based Private Equity Firm. KODA will continue to be the largest non-institutional investor and William S. Karol, President and CEO of KODA, will continue his involvement as the Chairman of the Board. Mr. Karol’s role will be as active driver of KDG’s growth strategy with future acquisitions playing a major role in this strategy.

Bill Karol stated “by teaming up with Audax and their outstanding operational and financial resources, I believe we can achieve our strategic goals faster and take KDG to the next level of growth and profitability. We expect that our continuing investment in KDG will yield outstanding returns for everyone involved.”

KODA Enterprises Group, located in Lexington, MA is a middle market private investment firm that concentrates on companies in niche markets that have the potential to benefit by the financial strength and expertise KODA provides to its portfolio companies. http://www.burnslev.com/downloads/amazing-deals/Burns-Deals-Ad-2011-Web.pdf http://www.sperrymitchell.com/kdg.asp

For further information contact: James Peden, Chief Operating Officer KODA Enterprises Group 423-756-8891 jpeden@koda.com